Everything You Need to Know About Teacup Poodle Costs

How Much Does a Teacup Poodle Cost?

Teacup poodles are one of the smallest dog breeds, and they are very popular as pets. They are known for their adorable appearance and affectionate personalities. However, their small size also makes them one of the most expensive dog breeds to buy. In this blog post, we will discuss how much you can expect to pay for a teacup poodle.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Teacup Poodle

The cost of a teacup poodle can vary depending on several factors, including

  • The breeder’s reputation and experience
  • The puppy’s pedigree and lineage
  • The puppy’s age and gender
  • The puppy’s size and color
  • The demand for teacup poodles in your area

Typical Cost Range for Teacup Poodles

The cost of a teacup poodle can range from $1,500 to $10,000 or more. The average cost is around $3,500 to $6,500. However, it’s essential to note that some breeders may charge more for rare colors, such as red or particolored teacup poodles.

Additional Costs to Consider

When buying a teacup poodle, there are other costs to consider besides the purchase price. These costs include:

  • Food and treats
  • Veterinary care, including vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and routine check-ups
  • Grooming expenses, such as haircuts, nail trimming, and grooming supplies
  • Training classes or private training sessions
  • Boarding or pet-sitting fees when you’re away


Teacup poodles are adorable and affectionate pets, but they can be quite expensive. When considering getting a teacup poodle, it’s essential to research reputable breeders and factor in the additional costs of owning a dog. By doing your due diligence, you can find a teacup poodle that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Table: Typical Cost Range for Teacup Poodles
Teacup Poodle Color Average Cost Range
Black or White $1,500 – $4,500
Apricot, Cream, or Brown $2,000 – $6,500
Red or Parti-Color $4,000 – $10,000 or more


If you’re willing to pay the price, a teacup poodle can make a great companion. However, it’s important to remember that owning a dog is a big responsibility and requires a lot of time and effort. Before making a decision, make sure you’re prepared for the commitment and research reputable breeders in your area.

Overall, the cost of a teacup poodle can range from $1,500 to $4,000, depending on various factors. By taking the time to do your research, you can ensure that you’re getting a healthy and happy teacup poodle that will bring joy to your life for years to come.

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