The 17 Best Haircut Styles for Poodles

Cutting your poodle’s hair can seem like more of a challenge than a chore. The poodle’s coat grows differently than most other dog breeds and can take a lot of work to maintain and groom properly.

Fortunately, there are many different types of haircuts or hairstyles you can give your Poodle, depending on their size, age, location, and personal preferences.

25 Different Hairstyles for Poodles include:

  • Continental Cut
  • English Saddle Cut
  • Royal Dutch Cut
  • Dutch Cut
  • Puppy Cut
  • Teddy Bear Cut
  • Winter Cut
  • Summer Cut
  • Princess Cut
  • Royal Tail Cut
  • Corded Cut
  • Cupcake Cut
  • Lamb Cut
  • Miami Cut
  • Town and Country Cut
  • Scandinavian Cut
  • Modern Cut
  • Urban Cut
  • Bob Cut
  • Fifth Avenue Cut
  • Jacket and Pants Cut
  • Bolero Cut
  • Pony Cut
  • German Cut
  • Tassel Cut

Poodles are known all over the world for their unique and natural hairstyles. Read on to learn more about these gorgeous hairstyles and find out which one is right for your poodle.

What are the 17 different Poodle hairstyles?

 Here are the 17 most popular poodle haircuts and styles:

Continental Cut

This sleek haircut reverses the “poodle” style of popular culture by shaving your hair, leaving “dog” hair everywhere else. A modified cut is also available, leaving the entire lower body of the poodle shaved.
If your Poodle is a show dog, this is one of two cuts approved by the American Kennel Club.

English saddle Cut

This sleek and stylish haircut focuses more on cutting your hair in “poofs” instead of cutting or shaving it, making it look like a snowball. It is similar to a continental cut but allows more hair to stay on your poodle’s back.
This is the second cut recommended by the American Kennel Club if your poodle is a show dog.

Royal Dutch Cut

This cut is also called the Dutch Striped Cut or banded Dutch cut, theRoyal Dutch Cut is unique because it involves trimming your Poodle’s face, neck and waistline into a “stripe”, making the rest into a “pouf” of will appear.

The bouffant style of poodle fur and this cut is the origin of its name; it reproduces the Dutch baggy pants.

Dutch Cut

The Standard Dutch style is different from the Royal Dutch cut on top without a “piece”, but rather long pants over the entire top of your Poodle, with a small “poof” at the end of your Poodle’s tail.
It is a popular and suitable haircut or style for all Poodle breeds and is one of the breeds approved by the UK Kennel Club.

Puppy Cut

One of the most popular hairstyles for young poodles, is puppy cut, soft, smooth, and even throughout the poodle when it comes to hair length. It’s easy to learn and a great starting point for newcomers to master fashion and style.
However, this hairstyle is not suitable for older Poodles and the American Kennel Club allows the cut for Poodles under one year of age.

Teddy Bear Cut

A teddy bear’s cut is almost identical to a puppy’s cut, but there is one very important difference: your poodle’s facial hair is longer than his body hair. Of course, the key to this cut is to make the poodle’s face look as soft as a teddy bear.
It is also a suitable cut for young and/or small poodles since other poodles cannot be as “small and cute”. However, it is still an easy poodle haircut to do.

Winter Cut

If you live in an area with long cold winters, you may want this simple and effective haircut for your poodle. Your poodle should have long but even hair all over his body to keep out the weather and stay warm.

This is not a show dog haircut so it is not necessarily difficult to get. This is a great cut if you are learning to groom your poodle, as it only requires a simple cut and style.

Summer Cut

Unlike a winter cut, a summer cut (also called a utility cut) keeps your poodle’s hair as short as possible; this helps keep your poodle from overheating in hot weather and is great if you live in a hot area.

It is also easy to cut if you are new to poodle grooming, as it emphasizes practicality rather than style.

Princess cut

The princess cut emphasizes the face and uses the ears to give your poodle “human” hair that stands out against its body.

Other bodies are styled like the Continental cut or the Dutch cut, but the princess cut is a great complement to your Poodle’s appearance.

Royal Tail Cut

Tail trimming is a bit of a misnomer because you don’t necessarily have to trim your poodle’s tail hair. You keep everything but your poodle’s hair on the tail short, thus allowing you to style the tail in a way that looks chic and stands out.

This is a more creative cut, as it allows you to style your poodle’s tail as anything that makes sense.

Corded Cut

This type of beautiful haircut is one of the most complex cuts, it is recommended not to try it if you have little experience. It requires your poodle’s hair to be grown out and braided, giving it a unique “corded” look.

This cut is not very common these days, so a cord cut will make your poodle stand out from the crowd!

Cupcake Cut

Cupcakes cut are also rare, but easy to make. The key to this cut, again, is the face of the poodle, because the ears should be well-shaped to look like a cupcake.
Although this is easier than corded cut, a person with little experience in grooming should not do it, because cutting hair on the face of a poodle is a difficult process.

Lamb Cut

Lamb cut has become very popular recently, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is this easy to do, but it gives your poodle a smooth, lamb-like coat around his body.
If you want a cut for your poodle that is beautiful and easy to maintain, the lamb cut is one of the best options for you.

Miami Cut

This cut is also known as the bikini cut, the Miami cut is a low-maintenance but beautiful cut that is perfect for any poodle living in a hot area! This trim requires your dog’s entire body to be trimmed except for the small “poofs” on his legs.

This haircut is also suitable for Poodles with delicate skin because the short hair will make it easier for you to treat your Poodle’s skin with medicated or liquid baths if necessary, no excess hair goes into the treatment!

Pony Cut

The pony cut is also a common poodle haircut but it is self-explanatory. To achieve this cut, your hair is cut so that the neck, tail, and legs have more hair than the rest of the body, like a pony.
Some poodle owners go further from this cut and buy reins or even a seat to make their dog look like a pony. However, whether you want to do this or not is up to you.

German Cut

A German haircut is like a summer haircut, but with your neck and tail completely shaved.

It is a good choice for those who are looking for the problem of cutting in the summer but with special complications.

Tassel Cut

The tassel cut, like the other poodle cuts mentioned earlier, focuses on the ears. Every part of the ear is clipped except for the tip, making your poodle’s ears look lopsided.
You can leave the rest of the poodle’s hair short or cut it into a simple and elegant design. The key to this cut is to make sure that the ears come out, not the body.


There you have it: 17 haircuts or hairstyles for poodles Remember, though, that your imagination knows what style will work best for your Poodle and it may take a few moments before you get the hang of it! Good preparation!

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